CMPSm: A Continuation Method for Polynomial Systems

(MATLAB version)

CMPSm is a MATLAB program using a predictor-corrector path-following method for tracing homotopy curves to approximate all isolated solutions of a system of polynomial equations. The program was originally developed for cheater's homotopy, but it can be also used for linear and polyhedral homotopies.

Sunyoung Kim (, Dept. of Math. Ewha Women's Univ., 11-1 Dahyun-dong, Sudaemoon-gu, Seoul 120-750 Korea.

Masakazu Kojima (, Dept. of Math. and Computing Sci., Tokyo Inst. of Tech., Oh-Okayama, Meguro, Tokyo 157-8552 Japan.

January 10, 2002

Revised April 17, 2003

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