Topology and Computer 2009


This workshop is supported by Grant-in-Aid Scientific Research (A) No. 19204007 (Mikiya Masuda) and Global COE, CompView, Tokyo Institute of Technology (Project leader: Osamu Watanabe).


Date: Auguts 31 (Monday)〜September 2 (Wednesday)
Venue: Tokyo Institute of Technology (Ookayama Campus) West Building 8E, room number 1001 (10th floor)


The conference aims for the development of the study of topology by using computers. Talks of the conference contain:



Program (PDF) Abstract (PDF)

To speakers; There is no blackboard in the workshop venue. Please give your talk by using slides (of computer or transparencies).


Tokyo Institute of Technology (Ookayama Campus)
Ookayama Campus map (Workshop Venue is in the building numbered 24.)

Past 「Topology and Computer」

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organizer: Eiko Kin (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
e-mail: kin(at)