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***** 講演会のお知らせ [#wc05d919]

** 2009.9.25 Google VP 講演会 [#eb1301de]

このほど来日する Google の研究部門の責任者である Alfred Spector 博士の講演会を下記のとおり開催しますので、ふるってご参加下さい。質疑の時間を長めにとり、研究技術面に踏み込んだお話を伺えるようにお願いしております。

- 主催: 東京工業大学 GCOE 計算世界観・学術国際情報センター
- 日時: 9月25日(金) 10:30-12:00
- 場所: 本館4階第一会議室(410号室)

''Research and Innovation at Google''

by ''Alfred Spector'', Vice President of Research and Special Initiatives, Google


At its core, Google's mission is to organize the world's information and
make it universally accessible and useful. The breadth of this mission,
coupled with our services based delivery model, provides Google great
opportunities to perform research and to innovate in many areas of
technology. In this presentation, I’ll summarize our approach to innovation
and the results we have achieved in many domains; for example, translation,
speech, and vision. I'll also discuss some of our focus areas moving
forward, and our general approach to research organization. I’ll conclude by
discussing our interactions with the research world around us, a world with
which we desire strong, mutually beneficial connections.