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**第2回 [#q938586b]

日時:   ''2009年6月3日(水) 13:30 - 14:30''

会場:   ''西8号館W棟10階W1008号室''

講演者: ''Joseph Maher 氏 (Oklahoma State University)''

題目:   ''Surfaces, groups and random walks.''


Every group has an intrinsic geometry associated with it, which can help us understand properties of the group, such as:
- what does the group looks like on the large scale?
- what properties does a generic group element have?

We will consider such questions for various families of groups, such as free  groups, matrix groups, and groups arising from the study of surfaces, and we will mention some applications to 3-manifolds. 

**第1回 [#k8e2f936]

日時: ''2009年5月7日(木) 13:20-''

会場: ''西8号館W棟8階W809号室''

講演者:	''Karl Sigman 氏 (Columbia University)''

題目: ''Brief introduction to Monte Carlo Simulation and its use for estimating the price of simple stock options (under the Binomial Lattice Model)''

**過去の談話会 [#db336cc6]