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***** 専攻談話会(セミナー) [#t67d9871]

集中講義などでいらっしゃる先生など、お心あたりのある方は専攻幹事 [[岸本:http://www.is.titech.ac.jp/~kishi/]] (kishimoto at is.titech.ac.jp) までお知らせください。


**2012年度第1回 [#j4f0fd9f]

日時: ''2012年4月19日(木) 13:20-14:50''

会場: ''西8号館W棟8階W809号室''

講演者: ''Tuan Phung-Duc 氏 (東京工業大学 数理・計算科学専攻)''

題目: ''Markov Chain and Queue with State-dependent Transition Rates''

In this talk, we consider continuous time Markov chains with
state-dependent transition rates arising from either retrial queues or
infinite server queues. First, for multiserver retrial queues, we show
that in the case of three and four servers, the joint stationary
distribution of the number of busy servers and the number of retrying
customers can be expressed in terms of continued fractions.
Furthermore, we formulate the general case with any number of servers
by a level-dependent QBD process for which a memory saving algorithm
based on matrix continued fractions is presented. Next, we briefly
present a topic on infinite server queues with synchronized
abandonment, where we develop a new methodology to obtain either
closed form solution or recursion for the stationary distribution of
the number of busy servers.

**過去の談話会 [#db336cc6]