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日 時 : 5月18日(水) 13:30〜14:45

講演者 : Brian H. Bowditch 氏 (University of Southampton)

場 所 : W 1008 号室

題 目 : The geometry of the curve complex and hyperbolic 3-manifolds

要 約 :

The curve complex associated to a surface was introduced by Harvey around 1980. Its geometry is closely related to that of Teichmuller space. It has been used by various authors to study the mapping class groups and is central to the work of Minsky and his coworkers towards proving Thurston's ending lamination conjecture. We shall give a brief survey of some of this work, and explain how ideas from 3-manifold theory can be fed back into the study of surfaces.


日 時 : 6月16日(木) 17:00〜18:00

講演者 : Raphael Hauser 氏 (Oxford University Computing Laboratory and Pembroke College Oxford)

場 所 : W 809 号室

題 目 : On the distribution of condition numbers for random polyhedral feasibility problems

要 約 :

The tail decay analysis of condition numbers yields an elegant unified way to investigate the average running time behaviour of interior-point methods for random conic feasibility problems. In this talk we present the best upper and lower bounds known for the case of Gaussian input matrices and polyhedral cones, and then we show that for more general input distributions there exists a simple natural parameter that determines the decay behaviour of the associated condition number.


日 時 : 6月17日(金) 11:00am-12:00

講演者 : Ben Wang 氏 (JBoss Inc.)

場 所 : 西8号館 W10階 1008 号室コラボレーションルーム

題 目 : JBossCache with Fine-Grained Replication and a Use Case for Http Session Replication

要 約 :

JBossCache is an open-source replicated and transactional cache with optional persistence storage. One particular aspect of JBossCache is the use of AOP (aspect-oriented programming) to perform fine-grained field-level POJO replication (JBossCache-Aop). In addition to fine-grained capability, JBossCache-Aop also supports transparent object-oriented features such as: object graph, relationship, inheritance, and polymorphism in the replication level. As a result, JBossCache-Aop is particularly suited for http session replication implementation when a user-specified object has complex object graph and relationship that needs fine-grained replication constantly. This presentation will cover the introduction for JBossCache and JBossAop first. Then we will address details of JBossCache-Aop component for fine-grained replication. We will also look at examples of how object graph is handled in the replication layer. Finally, we will illustrate a use case to implement the latest JBoss/Tomcat http session replication using JBossCache.


日 時 : 6月24日(金) 15:30-

講演者 : Kazimierz Goebel 氏

場 所 : W 1008 号室

題 目 : An overview of the optimal retraction problem

要 約 :

Since 1983, it is known that for any Banach space $ X$ of infinite dimension, the unit sphere $ S$ is a lipschitzian retract of the unit ball $ B$. It means that there exists a mapping $ R: B \to S$ such that $ R\vert _S = \mathrm{id}$ satisfying Lipschitz condition

$\displaystyle \Vert Rx - Ry\Vert \leq k \Vert x - y\Vert $

with ``sufficiently large'' Lipschitz constant $ k$.

There are many partial results scattered in the literature telling how big this constant should be for particular classical Banach spaces.

However, the exact value of minimal possible $ k$ remains unknown even for such spaces like $ C[0, 1]$, $ c_0$, $ H$, $ l^1$, $ \dotsc$.

In this talk the general informations about the problem will be given together with some new examples.


日 時 : 6月27日(月) 15:00-16:00

講演者 : Marc-Olivier Killijian 氏 (LAAS France)

場 所 : 西7号館3階会議室

題 目 : Towards a Middleware for Mobile Systems Availability, Integrity and Confidentiality

要 約 :

We present the MoSAIC project whose goal is to explore dependability issues of mobile applications at the middleware level. This project is studying new fault tolerance and security mechanisms for mobile wireless devices in ambiant intelligence applications focusing on sparse self- organized networks, using mostly one-hop wireless communication. More specificaly, MoSAIC aims at providing a collaborative backup system for mobile devices relying on collaboration among peers to provide data backup and recovery. In the talk, after identifying the expected dependability properties for such a middleware service, we survey peer-to-peer collaborative backup systems from the litterature and identify mechanisms relevant to the mobile environment. We conclude on the specificities of this environment and identify future research directions.


日 時 : 7月26日(火) 13:10-15:00

講演者 : Phil Papadopoulos氏 (San Diego Supercomputer Center)

場 所 : W 809 号室

題 目 : Bandwidth to Burn

要 約 :

The Biomedical Informatics Research Network (BIRN)* is creating, extending, and deploying a production grid to enable groups of biomedical researchers to share complex and large-scale imaging data. We will describe the BIRN, its structure, overall Information Technology Structure and focus on how BIRN stretches networks.

OpTIputer* is a five Year research project the asks the fundamental question: "What happens to the design Of distributed systems and codes when network bandwidth becomes infinite?" BIRN and more specifically, 3-D tomographic reconstruction of microscope images, are critical application drivers for the development of OptIPuter. In this talk we will describe the evolving all-campus optIPuter fabric on the UCSD campus, the introduction of dense-wave division multiplexing within the network that interconnects 500+ nodes, and key issues that we are tackling within opTIputer to meet the performance needs of BIRN and other next-generation eScience applications. All labs on campus are connected at 10Gigbits with a private fiber infrastructure and these per-lab links are continually enhanced over the project lifetime. OptIPuter also extends beyond the campus border with a private 10gigabit network (Called the Cavewave) to the our major OptIPuter partner at the Electronics Visualization Lab at the University of Illinois, Chicago. In this talk, we will look at a variety of early performance measurements for both campus and national networks.

We will conclude with some thoughts on how immense bandwidth will have a profound effect on e-science as we know it. We are already seeing significants signs of this in BIRN and other projects.

BIRN is funded by the U.S. National Institutes of Health and integrates science teams across more than 20 institutions to share and federate 3-dimensional medical image data. BIRN uses a top-down deployment strategy with careful attention to data privacy, integration and data transfer performance. BIRN Science team test beds include multi-scale, analysis of mouse neuro anatomy (the Mouse BIRN), morphometric comparisons of human brains (the Morph BIRN.

OptIPuter is five year information technology research (ITR) grant through the United States National Science Foundation. Half a dozen partner institutions make up a large interdisciplinary team. The IP in Optiputer stands for Internet Protocol with a nod that optiputer retains the use of IP as a basic interoperability protocol, but may choose other higher-level protocols.


日 時 : 7月29日(金) 13:20-14:50

講演者 : 竹内 一郎 氏 (三重大学)

場 所 : W 809 号室

題 目 : 二次正則化項付き分位点回帰のパラメトリックプログラミングによる条件付分位点パスの推定

要 約 :

回帰分析の目的は説明変数Xと応答変数Yの統計的な関係を記述することである. 最小二乗法による回帰分析は条件付平均関数の推定を行うが, 複数の条件付分位点関数を推定することにより, XとYのより詳細な関係を記述することができる. 条件付分位点関数の推定量として分位点回帰(Quantile Regression)と呼ばれるものが提案され多くの関連研究がなされている. 本講演では二次の正則化項付きのノンパラメトリック分位点回帰について考察する. この推定量はサポートベクトルマシンの分野で見られるような二次計画問題に帰着される. 複数の条件付分位点(例えば, q = 0.1, 0.2, ..., 0.9 分位点)を推定する場合にはそれぞれに対して二次計画問題を解く必要があり,大規模な問題に対しては莫大な計算時間を必要とした. 本講演では上記の分位点回帰をすべての分位点オーダ 0 < q < 1 に関して計算するアルゴリズムを紹介する. 分位点オーダーqをパラメータとするパラメトリックプログラミングにより, 上記二次計画問題の双対変数がqに関して区分線形であることを示す. この性質を利用するとすべての分位点に関する推定量の解を高速に計算できる. また, 本アルゴリズムは条件付分布P(Y|X)のすべての分位点を推定していることからP(Y|X)のノンパラメトリック推定量とみなすことができる. 本アルゴリズムは, P(Y|X) の分布関数を区分線形関数として, 密度関数を区分定数関数として表現する.


日 時 : 11月18日(金) 16:30-17:30

講演者 : 後藤 順哉 氏(筑波大学)

場 所 : W809

題 目 : Bounding Option Prices by Semidefinite Programming: A Cutting Plane Algorithm

要 約 :

Bertsimas&Popescu(2002) は、ある資産の収益率に関する n 個のモーメントが与えられているときに、その資産を原資産とするヨーロピアン・コール・オプションのタイトな上限値を求める問題が半正定値計画(SDP)として定式化できることを示した。本研究では彼らの定式化をタイトな下限値を求める問題に拡張し、その半正定値計画問題としての定式化を与えると同時に、得られたSDPを解くための切除平面を用いた簡単なアルゴリズムを紹介する。モーメントの数が6,7程度であれば、当該アルゴリズムで効率的に計算できることを計算結果によって示す。


日 時 : 12月 7日(水) 14:00 - 15:00

講演者 : 田村 明久 氏 (慶応大)

場 所 : W1008

題 目 : 離散凸解析を応用したマッチングモデル

要 約 :

Gale-Shapleyによる安定結婚モデルとShapley-Shubikによる割当モデルを統一したモデルを提案し,さらにこれを離散凸解析で中心的役割を演ずる離散凸関数を応用することで拡張する.このような拡張によっても pairwise-stable outcomeの存在が保証されることが主結果である.


日 時 : 12月 7日(水) 16:00 - 17:00

講演者 : 土谷 隆 氏 (統数研)

場 所 : W1008

題 目 : 内点法とデータ解析

要 約 :

本講演では, 内点法とデータ解析に関連した以下の2つの話題について紹介する.

1. 内点法と確率的サンプリングによるロバスト最適化および最尤法による ロバスト性能推定

2. 線形行列不等式条件下での log det 関数重み付き和最大化のための主双対内点法  アルゴリズムとそのグラフィカルモデリング, 密度関数推定等への応用


日 時 : 1月 25日(水) 13:20-14:50

講演者 : Chunwei Song 氏 (Peking University,東工大)

場 所 : W1008

題 目 : Higher Catalan and Schröder Theories in Lattice Path Combinatorics

要 約 :

While classical Catalan and Schröder theories have both been extensively studied, people have just begun to investigate higher dimensional versions (see, for instance, the 1991 paper of Hilton and Pedersen, and the 1996 paper of Garsia and Haiman). In this talk we introduce two more general cases: Permutation paths, which are counted by n!, having Dyck paths as a subset; m- Schröder paths, which reduce to the ordinary Schröder paths when m=1, and we derive the number of such paths. We prove that a natural bijection between the symmetric group and Permutation paths that exchanges inversion and area statistics simultaneously maps 312- avoiding permutations to Dyck paths. Hoping to generalize classical q-analogue results of the ordinary Catalan and Schröder numbers, such as in the works of Fürlinger/Hofbauer, Cigler, and Bonin/Shapiro/Simion, we obtain a q-identity on m-Schröder paths which would welcome a combinatorial interpretation.