Asian Conference
Nonlinear Analysis and Optimization

September 14-18, 2008

Kunibiki Messe, Matsue City, Shimane, JAPAN

The Asian Conference on Nonlinear Analysis and Optimization was successfully finished. All the members of the organizing committee are very happy that we had such a nice opportunity to meet colleagues from various Asian countries, exchange advanced information on scientific research, and deepen a friendship. We appreciate the cooperation of all the participants.


The Proceedings of the conference NAO-Asia2008 will be published by Yokohama Publisers. All the participants who had a talk in the conference can submit a paper for this proceedings. Please send a manuscript to the conference secretariat by email to

In order to make the collection of papers with higher quality, the organizing committee decided to extend the deadline for the subimission. Please submit the manuscript no later than

November 15, 2008.

The organizing committee look forward to your submission.

Toward the International Conference on Nonlinear Analysis and Convex Analysis which will be taking place in 2009, it is required for Asian researchers to achieve an international or higher level on the research of the Nonlinear Analysis, the Convex Analysis, and the Optimization. We announce this conference for all Asian researchers and students related to these fields to exchange the recent achievements, to share the current problems, and to encourage other researchers who have an interest in these fields.

The conference will be held at Kunibiki Messe in Matsue City, Shimane, Japan on September 14-18, 2008.

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The venue of the conference is Kunibiki Messe in Matsue City, Shimane, Japan.


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For further information, please contact

Dr Yasunori Kimura
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Tokyo Institute of Technology
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